Hi, I’m Cherish!

Photography has been a huge passion of mine for many years, however it was not until 2008 that I got the chance to pursue it through personal studies and practicing – and more practicing and more studying and more practicing.

I started learning how the emotion and mood of a photo affected me and how I could shape the photo to meet the individuality of each subject, while still maintaining my own photographic style.

My husband and I have 4 beautiful, wild, energetic children, each with very different personalities from birth (and yes, even before birth). As I watched them play and grow I saw the newness of each moment alongside their steadfast personalities, I began realizing even more that photography was not about capturing what someone looked like in a pretty setting…

It was about getting an intimate view of their distinctive individuality.

I love learning and growing in all areas, but the more I learn about photography the more excited I get! It has truly been a pleasure to experience each of these moments with my clients, more so than my words can express. I enjoy each part of the creative process, from the first emails, planning out a personalized session, getting to know the subjects more through the course of the session, and even the post production.

I hope we can meet one day and I can capture memories for you to cherish for years to come!