One of my favorite cakes! Apparently no one in Texas has heard of this delight, so I will share with you the very easy recipe!
First you make a chocolate cake in 2 round or square pans, you can use your favorite recipe or use mine which follows. My recipe is a version of “wacky cake” which was made during the depression when people could not afford milk and eggs. I have tried similar recipes that I did not like at all, I tweaked it some and came out with this delight. I made this chocolate cake for Elijah’s birthday party and it was a hit. In my opinion it holds up much better than box cake-it isn’t super crumby- which is great for when you cut it up. Enjoy the fact that it is cholesterol free too!
I have only made this in a square pan and it made one, nice, thick cake so I would recommend doubling it for a layered cake.

Perfect Chocolate Cake
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
6 Tbl cocoa powder-I recommend Hershey’s Special Dark YUM!
1 tsp baking SODA
3 Tbl vegetable oil or canola oil
3 Tbl applesauce
1 Tbl vinegar (dont worry you cant taste it)
1 tsp almond extract(or vanilla)
1 cup water/milk (true “wacky cake” uses water-I use soy-you can use cows milk)

Pre heat oven to 350. Mix together dry ingredients. Then make 3 holes in the mixture. Put the oil and applesauce in one, vinegar in another, and extract in the last. Then pour the water/milk over it all and stir. I am not really sure if doing it in that manner makes a difference but all of the recipes I found for “wacky cake” did that. Grease a round or square pan. Then bake-I honestly do not know how long I baked it-until it smelled good and a fork stuck in the middle came out clean…about 34-40 minutes. Sorry I am so bad about that. I do everything by feel not by rules. Note* if you dont like dark chocolate use 4Tbl of the traditional Hersheys cocoa powder.
The picture shows the cake once I cut it up and “pre-iced” it before I put rolled fondant on for Elijah’s Train Cake.

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