Being a mom is being an investigator; What’s that stain? Where did that come from? Who done it? When will Caillou end?  Why is it not bedtime yet? If you happen to be a mom with a blog, it also makes you and investigative reporter! Here is my hard hitting investigative report on the hole in the guitar.

At approximately 1:30pm on June 15, 2013 it was discovered that Chloe’s acoustic guitar had a hole in the back of it measuring 1.5 inches in diameter. Chloe had just arrived back home after being away with friends over night. She shrieked then began making accusations which were quickly shot down by the head detective (A.K.A myself).
Elijah was the first suspect who quickly started putting the blame onto Gavin, even making an eye witness account as to how it happened. The story didn’t stick well with those around so more questioning continued. Again Chloe made more accusations about how it happened, citing that Elijah probably used it as a step stool to reach her blue Powerade on the shelf, because it too was gone. I informed her that, no, I removed the beverage from her room, which I found on her dresser, since it is not allowed in there. I knew my chances of getting honest information was running thin, so I changed my demeanor and asked once more, “Elijah, I would really appreciate the true story of what happened.”
He replied, “I was trying to reach the Powerade, it fell and landed on the guitar.”
Ah, hah! That makes perfect sense! The Powerade fell from a distance of approximately 6 feet from the closet shelf onto the unsuspecting guitar which was laying face down on the closet floor. It landed cap down puncturing a lid sized hole onto the back surface.  
As judge (my other duty), I determined that both parties, Chloe and Elijah, are guilty! Chloe I believe has learned her lesson for bringing beverages into her room- though future infractions will be disciplined as a secondary event, she will get off this time due to the loss of her beloved guitar. Elijah is guilty of attempting to take Chloe’s items from her closet and damaging her property in the process. There will be a meeting with my council to determine how replacement or repayment will take place.  

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