Elijah is always giving me something to talk about! Today he was standing on his potty washing his hands when he peed in his diaper. Apparently it was a lot, because his diaper had been dry and it leaked. Right into the potty, so I praised him and treated him for going in the potty…what else could I do I couldn’t explain the stipulations of pottying in the toilet when he was looking at me with those big hazel eyes!

Addalene started fussing yesterday morning. Elijah ran in from the other room shouting “I got it, I got it!” Dropped on to the floor beside her wrapped his arm around her and started saying “ts ok Addie tso K, gott choo!” and kissed her sweetly on her face.
At each Halloween event we did, he didn’t want to dress up. He had just thrown his pirate hat and sword on the ground when Chloe and I decided to demonstrate for him how to trick or treat. He saw me hand Chloe candy and ran up and said “pleeeeeease!” I told him, “no I only give candy to trick or treaters candy, who are wearing their costume.” He ran back and put his costume on incredibly fast, and was back at my feet say “trick er treat!” He left it on after that.
He was pretty scared or masked characters this year, I suppose it is a good thing since it means he has learned the difference between reality and cartoon world.
I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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