Something very exciting happened recently! My brother got engaged!!!!! My BABY brother! I still vividly remember the day he was born, meeting him for the first time, holding him, changing diapers-I am so glad he got past that, his cool baby toys that were way more entertaining than my own toys, his first day of kindergarten. I can hardly believe Cole is getting married now! However, after meeting Allie, his fiance (then girlfriend),  I sent him a text saying something along the lines of, “you need to make her my sister!” his reply, “I am working on that!” I squealed.  What is not to love about Allie? She is amazingly sweet, intelligent, confident, easy going, and beautiful too-as if she did not have enough going for her! I immediately recognized how relaxed they were together and they just fit, perfectly. Cole had mentioned to me that Allie had started him journaling a 1000 things he is thankful for, such a neat idea and one I would like to start doing soon!
Since they met at Maryville College, where they both attend and are highly active in the school, naturally that was the perfect location.  We met up at Vienna Coffee first, mostly because it is beautiful out back, but also their coffee is AMAZING!

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Cole went to China this summer and I asked Allie how they coped with that, her idea was one of the sweetest I have ever heard, ” I sent him with “open when” letters so like “open when you feel tired” or “when you miss me” or “when your trip is half over” and he was writing a list of things he was thankful for the whole time…which he planned to use as part of the proposal. ”

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I posted a ring shot and teased that you all would have to wait for this blog post to hear what was so special about what was behind the fencing. I will let Allie tell you the details of their very sweet proposal!
” So on our day off for Fall Break he tells me we should hang out since we haven’t spent quality time together out since before China. He starts walking me toward my favorite building on campus that has been under construction for nearly a year now and I got nervous we were gonna tour it. Sure enough, we grab some hard hats and head on up to explore the second and third floors. I was so distracted by exploring my beloved building with the bell-tower that I didn’t notice Cole scoping out the rooms for the perfect view. I was about ready to head back down when he calls me back into a room we had already looked at. Confused I followed him and stand in front of a window that overlooks downtown Maryville. He then hands me his notebook with the list of 1,000 things he’s thankful for and says I should read all of it. So we sit on the windowsill and I start reading.

It was really special to remember lots of things we had done together or with friends throughout the past 8 months or so as I see things like “making milkshake runs” or “playing board games” and then there are really special things like “a woman who is honest” or “holding her hand.” But I was surprised by the last dozen or so that I read, things like “finding the perfect ring” and “sneaking away to talk to her parents” and then number 1,000 was blank and as I looked up from the book he got down on one knee and proposed. I was in shock and silent for about 2 minutes before I actually said “yes” (that was probably not the nicest thing for me to do haha).”


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Poor Cole had me blowing up his phone the whole time. What can I say, I am excited to add a new sister to the family! My kids adore her as well and Elijah has mapped out a spot to add her to our family wall. We are all excited and praying blessing over a life time together.


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