Time is flying by so fast! I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I am still alive but life has gotten crazy! Things are slowing back down-or at least I hope! Elijah’s terrible 2’s became the terrifying 3’s. Addalene is now walking, with support, but that has put everything into arms reach! Chloe is looking more like a teenager everyday and assumes that the teenage attitude must come with it! Bobby is about to go to Chicago for 4 days for training. As for me, I am trying to keep little pieces of Lord knows what, off the floor so Addalene doesn’t choke on them-its a full time job plus overtime! Oh, and I am trying to schedule some sort of birthday fun for Elijah (3 on the 21st) between Bobby’s days off and my photography sessions.
Christmas? Oh it was great! Really, I saw my family, Bobby’s dad, met my newest niece, and Addalene met one of her Aunts (Uncle and cousin too)for the first time. AND it was a white Christmas! So I got to take a stroll in the snow with my husband-who was too cold to hold my hand- have a snow ball fight, and go sledding! Very picturesque and wonderful memories were made!
I will get back on here-soon I hope! Lots of love and Happy 2011!

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