I was told I would be thirsty not hungry! I grew up knowing breastfeeding makes one thirsty, unquenchably thirsty, and its true, there are days I drink 10-12 cups of water, but the hunger? I was not warned about! The 500 extra calories recommended for proper “production” doesnt come close to the amount desired!

The first couple months, there really wasn’t a change in my appetite. Then 3 months hit with the bang of a fat man plopping down onto a old wooden chair! I didn’t link it to breastfeeding until last week, I kept wondering what was making me SO hungry. I didn’t step near the scale-well the Wii Fit (get with the times already!) for about 6 weeks, knowing I had eaten more than the average African…elephant that is! Finally I decided yesterday that to be motivated to stay away from the kitchen I had to hear and see the bad news-then I jumped for joy when I saw no significant difference.
This is an all consuming hunger, it is not a craving. There is no specific food you have to have immediately, maybe sweet, salty, or a burger but nothing specific. In general you just want food, any food within reach, and NOW. And lots of it!
Pregnant women are known for their cravings that drive them to crazy acts of desperation, but why dont you hear about the lactating women? Today I heard an ice cream truck outside-now for a little history, I dont let my kids get ice cream from the roach coach vans with irritating music, EVER!-yet today when I heard the did-die I jumped from the couch ran to Bobby’s dresser grabbed a handful of change and ran outside, only to see it was too late. I slumped back in the house as if I had just been told Elvis really is dead, fist full of change and arm full of Addie and her plumpness. I then headed to the kitchen and stared longingly into the quiche that was waiting on the oven, knowing I could finish it off and make an entire new dinner without anybody knowing, and I would still be hungry enough to eat with the family.
I finally felt so crazy I Googled it today(as any responsible adult would) and found a plethora of milk machine mamas saying the same thing. I AM NORMAL AFTER ALL! So maybe next time I am trying with all my might to not go bake up a good size Baptist Bake Sale, for myself, I will go for it in small proportions and not feel so guilty.

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