After years of discussion on how food is supposed to be eaten, or more what is supposed to be eaten by humans, and then watching by accident a few documentaries about the subject, we have decided to eat more of a vegan diet. I would come out and say “we are vegan” however, that leads to a mental picture of someone who will force there animal rights belief on everyone who passes, and has a strong opinion of the use of leather ect. ect. We are in it from more of a health stand point. If you are interested the movies are “The Beautiful Truth” and “Change Your Food Change Your Life.” After watching “Change” we decided to finish out the food we already had, then make the switch. But the next morning I could not bring myself to eat an egg. Then I started “Truth” and that was my breaking point. I knew tidbits of a lot of information on the subject of animal products and health, and these movies brought it all together for me.

So I have been asked quite a few times already “what will you eat?” So here is todays menu, keep in mind today was a crazy run around everywhere sort of day, and we will be having a load more veggies than we did today. At least it gives you an idea of what can be eaten with no time to cook.
Breakfast – Black bean-lette (bean omlette) tacos, which many people have asked or the recipe already so it will be posted soon.
Lunch-I kinda skipped it, I was still full but we munched on Sweet Potato Chips
Snacks-carrots, carrot juice and a plum (I meant to grab a handful of nuts on the way out and forgot)
Dinner-a large salad (lettuce tomato Catalina dressing and 1 TBL hemp seeds) and spaghetti (whole grain noodles 1/2 jar of sauce and a can of green beans)
Dessert-we are about to have herbal tea and sweet potatoes (maybe in the form of a rice pudding)
A few foods that surprised me while compiling a list of “normal” foods that are also vegan from PETA’s website: Jello Instant Pudding in Pistachio, Vanilla and Lemon (only those flavors), Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, and Graham Crackers including Teddy Grahams!
Also, I was surprised to learn (from a few other sources)that fruits, vegetables, and grains contain all of the nutrients a person needs except for B12 which can be obtained either from eating fish twice a week, nutritional yeast or a supplement. This was surprising to me because I had heard so many arguments about how this diet would lead someone to be deficient in many nutrients.
So there you go, that is where I am at right now, and that is why I will be posting recipes that may seem a little strange. My fridge is stocked full of veggies, my cupboard with grains and lentils, and I am on a new adventure of creating and finding new recipes.

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