As you will see if you move on toward the next blog post, my blog is currently under renovation. We will be working on getting the photos and posts back in place as quickly as possible!

In the meantime I will give you a short interview with… myself.

Q. What is your name?

A. My name is Cherish Bickel-if the site name did not give it away, and together with my darling husband, Robert, we photograph weddings.

Q. So you are married, do you have kids?

A. Yes, four gorgeous goofy bundles of personality that explode in unique ways. Chloe it very artsy and loves to cook, she is the calmest and enjoys reading and writing (she gets extra money by doing my blogs from time to time when I am busy) she will be starting high school this year! Elijah is my goof ball that loves pranks, building, running, jumping, all things boy, and science. He lights up a room with his love for others and warm smile and will be starting second grade. Addie is a ray of sunshine, she is known for her joy (the flip side is all her emotions are strong), she is very independent and usually pretty quiet,  however you always have to check the quietness because it could indicate a wall is being painted-or her face. She will be starting first grade. Gavin is a mommy’s boy, he is super cuddly and loving, he likes chocolate and Legos. Gavin can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. He greatly enjoys that he is the only one still home with me during school. Oh, and they all love Star Wars.

Q. What is your favorite pass time?

A. Favorite? As in I only get to pick one?

Q. Pick as many as you want.

A. Okay, great! Thanks, I cannot narrow it down. I absolutely love to worship, anything I can do to bring glory to my Father, but singing His praises is my most favorite. I wouldn’t consider it  a pass time, though, because I do it in everything. I love getting to work with our youth group, they are some incredible students! Watching a passion for God flourish in them is beyond words!  I enjoy doing anything crafty, making wreaths, sewing, anything I can hot glue, throwing parties, redecorating etc. To create and make new is my passion.  I like to read, however, it consumes me when I find a good book and for the next two days no house work, work work, or cooking gets done. Eventually I put down the book and realize a tornado ran through my house, also known as my kids. Lastly, though I am sure there are more, I like planning Disney vacations, it is sort of an addiction.

Q. How? Why?

A. I suppose because the moment you step onto Disney property you are transformed to a seemingly more simple place and time. Time goes away, world events and stresses are gone, there is no talk of politics or war, for a few days you are in a place with thousands of other people all for the same reason, to enjoy family and have fun. I saw so many barriers become non existent while at Disney. One of my favorite memories was standing in line-yes, standing in line waiting for a meet and greet with Pocahontas! Addie met a little girl in front of us and played with her for 45 minutes, sounds normal right? The young girl named Chloe spoke no English, and no, Addie does not speak French. They played and communicated in their own way, twirled, laughed, and called each other beautiful. There were many more similar events on buses and in other lines, and each was so beautiful in its own way. That is my short answer.

Okay so that is all for now! I hope that was a little more entertaining than a picture that says “Blog under construction.”  Have a great week! ~Cherish



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