The smell of apple cider vinegar is burning my nostrils and making my stomach churn as I write this. Yesterdays messes were minor in comparison to today…and it only 3 o’clock. Yesterday Elijah painted with jello powder, which fortunately turned out to be pudding powder across the kitchen floor and rug. Hours later (with much happening in between) he again “painted” with Suisse mocha powder-a whole can of it both of which Chloe had put into his ever growing reach.
Today our morning began rather calm, well what I can remember of it, before my caffeine drip was started. Within an hour of my husband leaving for work Elijah tore off his diaper and streaked through the house….it was a poopy diaper, need I say more? After bathing him and removing the sheets from his bed, that he jumped on as I chased him down, I dried and clothed him then went to tend to Addie. No sooner then I sat down with her, Elijah grabbed the Rice Crispies which Chloe had (again) just set in his reach and proceeded to dump the entire family size box. As I set down Addie and headed to clean it, Elijah rushed to hit it all off the table and across the living room and kitchen…all 1 pound and 2 oz of puffed rice crispiness flew with ease to the far reaches of each room.
Later Addie was peacefully sleeping in her swing as I began setting up the blog, when Elijah attempted to pull her out roughly-he loves taking care of “my (his) Addie” unfortunately he has yet to learn gentleness. I leapt across the room- with the speed but none of the gracefulness of a gazelle- to stop him, at which point he ran across the room with the speed of a cheetah to get the computer. Juggling baby and phone (Bobby had called) I chased him down and got the computer too. Elijah ran off to tear off his poopy diaper…yes, again (I think he found a stash of old food in his toys)! Fast forward a little and Addie is napping and I am back on the computer trying to start this blog, I ask Chloe to get Elijah juice, a few minutes later I hear him dump out liquid in the kitchen. Chloe tells me he spilled his juice. Moments later I am assaulted by the intense smell of vinegar “did you give him pickles?” I ask. “No, just juice,” Chloe states, then Elijah comes in the room spitting. As I go to clean the spill “Chloe it really smells like vinegar!” “Well I gave him that apple cider vinegar juice.” “YOU WHAT?!?!”….yeah Id spit too! Her reply was, “well Daddy drinks it!”
…Silence, that is never good…He just figured out he can use his cubbies and stack them to reach things GREAT!…things like my camera and deodorant….and he stripped off his diaper again! Okay, got it on and found he had bit the end of a sippy cup straw off and was chewing on it…Mom I know you are laughing right now!
Well only 5 more hours left in his day, we shall see what adventures become of it!

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