Sometimes I wonder how I got to where I am today. In a good way though. There are moments where it hits me that I am an adult with responsibilities, it just comes natural, doing day to day things, I dont even think about where the time has gone. (to the past duh!) But I just laid down with Chloe for a few minutes and I felt small again (maybe because she is almost as tall as me now) and it hit! “I’m married! I have 3 kids?! When did it all happen?” God has blessed me tremendously with an amazing husband who loves us dearly and takes care of us, and 3 wonderful (crazy)kids! And it has gone by in the blink of an eye, and yet it feels like it goes by faster everyday. *sigh*
I went outside to do laundry (in the shed)this morning, before the invading wasps had a chance to wake up, and I got to hear what my house sounds like to all our neighbors…and I am surprised the cops haven’t been called on us yet! Elijah learned about 3 weeks ago, how to scream like a 14 year old girl in a Bieber concert. A high pitch, ear piercing, blood curling scream! All you have to do is look at him wrong and he lets one loose! I gotta give it to him, he gets your attention with it. He is doing very well potty training…when he wants to. He went all day without an accident after only 9 days of starting. He went potty earlier today while I was feeding Addie, I asked Chloe to make sure he didn’t get into anything and a moment later she yelled “MOM! he put the rug in the toilet!”…Sorry Addie, you will have to eat later.
Chloe goes back to school in 10 days, I will miss her and she is so helpful. I cant figure out what she is going for…she has been behaving really well the last few weeks and doing “my” chores without me asking her to even help.
Chloe told me awhile back, “Addie is SO wonderful, she is half you and half Jesus!” They are both wonderful. Addie watches things way to closely…alot like her sister when she was a baby…scary!

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