In the beginning, God spoke and earth came to form and everything that exists was created through His words. We know that God is Spirit and that as a believer His Spirit is in me. It is in my heart, body, and words.

We know that words are powerful. Words can break a heart or mend it. Words can command a limb healed, or curse it.
What if believers everywhere (myself included) realized the power of our words? The words we say judging, condemning, or criticising others-even when they will never hear it release into the atmosphere and change it for better or worse, they can build up or tear down. Have you noticed environments that put you in a bad mood from the moment you arrive? Check out how others are reacting to the environment too and be the change.
I have the choice to speak blessings or curses over others, even when they are not around, even when they will never hear it. I can choose to speak blessings and life, or curses and death.
There is a fine line between honest assessment as we see being used throughout the Bible and judging.

Are we speaking with Spirit, or without? Are we creating or destroying?

For more information on this subject, check out Romans 8. There are many chapters and over 100 verses on the power of our words, but that is a great starting point.

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