It’s been a quiet day in the Bickel household…I say this as the roof leaks behind me, Addie cries and when I go to her, I step in a puddle of spit up, Chloe complains about her bedtime, and Elijah scurries about as if he downed a double espresso…but the otherwise quietness can only be attributed to Thursdays being my break day. Thursdays I have the pleasure of going to the church and taking on any task thrown at me, even if it means getting stuck in an elevator, tumbling down stairs, or dropping and exploding a case of soda in front of crowd of onlookers, all in trade for 5 hours of free babysitting (okay that is not my real reason for going, but it is a definite plus!). In other words Thursday is the day that helps to maintain my sanity, partly because it is pretty much the only time my conversations include more than fairy princesses and juice. I do love the opportunity to serve though; it brings me so much joy and refreshes my week. By the time we got home through the down pouring rain, a little gift Hurricane Alex sent our way, we only had an hour and a half before we had to leave again to get Bobby. But during that short time Elijah managed to make his mark on me and the house. Most toddlers would climb a baby gate blocking their path-mine breaks the wood and tears it down. Every time Elijah decided he wanted to toilet paper the bathroom, or see what makes the plunger so amazing; I got to do my mad dash across the house, the bathroom being the only place left we had a gate on. Aside from that, and thinking I broke my toe while trying to walk through the kitchen he “redecorated”, then pinching the skin on my hand when fixing Addie’s swing after his “reconstruction”…its been a calm day…sort of.
Mom’s Mood Barometer
1-Cracker Barrel for breakfast! =happy, goofy
2-Making pancakes=feeling affectionate, happy
3-Hamburgers=life is good, at ease
4-Spring Rolls=feeling ok
5-Peanut butter bars=something is on her mind (warning!)
5.5-On third cup of coffee=something is straining her
6-Buying ice cream=stressing
7-Sopping randomly=nerves are unraveling fast
8- Baking brownies=quick get her a glass of wine, and a masseuse and a babysitter -for a week!
9-No food-scrubbing erratically=
10-Baking white bread (with real butter)=call out the National Guard, someone is gonna get hurt!
…I smell bread, and it smells yummy-good night kids, hello fresh baked bread and Pinot Grigio!

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