For the kids nap time today, I decided I was going to take time to relax and enjoy a book. Once they were in bed I went to get a drink of water, decided I should rinse the dishes from this morning and load them into the dishwasher. Problem with that-dishwasher was full, okay Ill just take a few minutes to unload it. Un load, load…hmmm, maybe I should sweep the kitchen is pretty bad-okay Im just going to sweep and get a bowl of yogurt then go read. Finish sweeping, go to bathroom, decide to tidy up the bathroom. Head back to kitchen for my lunch and pass the massive pile of laundry that needs sorted. Sort laundry, take to rooms, and realize I have been procrastinating on putting away Addie’s clothes lately. Okay I’m just going to do this, THEN go make my lunch. Put away Addie’s clothes, then start going through taking out the too small ones. Go get my lunch and start to sit down (note my rear did not touch the couch yet)and Addie starts to cry-go get her so she doesn’t wake Elijah up, and eat my lunch with my left hand while I feed her as well, while attempting to hold my book and read it. Oh, and about an hour later I remembered to go get my drink of water!

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