Elijah makes for great stories!
We got a crib for Addie last week (finally, she has way outgrown the bassinet) and Bobby decided to put it together in the living room…so I could later take it apart and put it back together in our room?…and we had to leave it there until we (I) could rearrange the furniture in the bedroom. Elijah took the opportunity to enjoy it as his very own climbing wall. One particular day he was enjoying climbing on the crib while in underwear as Chloe crawled underneath it, and then he decided he didn’t want to stop to use the potty, so he peed-with Chloe underneath him! I’m not gonna lie I had to leave the room to laugh before coming back to clean it. Chloe wasn’t as mortified as I thought she would be, he only got her arm.
Elijah loves going potty with someone else. When I was on my way into the bathroom the other day, he was coming to join me, then ran out yelling “phone! phone! phone!” and before I could reply he came in, chest puffed up, showing my his phone-a calculator! He proceeded to sit on his froggy potty and play with his phone, just like Daddy (well minus the froggy part)!
We were given a couch yesterday! I think we may have been the only people desperate enough to move a sectional down from the third story of an apartment, but that’s okay, I like my new couch 🙂 While we were moving it into our house, I carried in a piece and found Elijah had gotten parts of my breast pump and he was pumping the couch…maybe trying to vacuum?

How to get your house clean in a 4 easy steps
Step 1: Stay up all night taking care of teething, or otherwise very cranky baby.
Step 2: When you get up in the morning, be very angry about life in general, slam a few things around for good measure.
Step 3: After breakfast go to do dishes and bang a few more around. Remembering not to talk to anyone unless you use a grumpy voice and use as few words as possible.
Step 4: Glare at your husband and let him know that until “the procedure” you will be taking a vow of celibacy.
About then he should start running around cleaning (without you asking! 🙂 ) and demanding that the kids clean too!
No joke my house went from disaster area to clean enough for visitors in 5 minutes flat! And all I had to do was the dishes.

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