Elijah and I were singing Old McDonald to Addie awhile back and I asked what else he had on his farm. Apparently Mr. McDonald is VERY old because, he also had dinosaurs and monsters. He began growling louder and louder as we sang. Addie laughed, then stared, then pouted, then cried louder and louder. Elijah thought it was great that he could make her cry so easy. One look at me though and he knew it wasn’t cool, so in the sweetest voice he could conjure he said “sawwwreeeeyy Addieee, its kay.” She calms down, then “RAAAAWWRRRRR,” the loudest roar yet, followed by the loudest wail yet. Elijah smiled in accomplishment at his newly found ability to make Addie react.

Note; it is rare for Elijah to be cruel to Addie, usually he just would be to Chloe. Generally he is very caring to her.
Elijah loves filling things with water, anything, like the other day when he filled Bobby’s shoe with water and brought it to us, dripping the whole way.
Chloe left her naked Barbies in the bathroom and Elijah brought me one pointing out its “diaper” saying it needed changed and “ewwwweeee.”

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