The forecast showed snow on this day for two weeks in advance, but everyone said they didn’t believe it. As the date approached the estimated totals rose and fell, half an inch, one inch, three to five inches, back to half an inch, then back to 5 inches… We watched and waited knowing a warm breeze could sweep in and knock the forecast out, but instead the forecast turned to winter storm warnings. I knew that with what was expected I could not possibly make it to the chapel if the storm hit. Luckily God did His amazing thing and arranged for me to stay in a Hearthside cabin nearby, about a half mile from the chapel. I had been informed by a friend that The Preserve would be scraped and I should have no trouble getting to the cabin, but worse case scenario I could hike it if need be. Friday night was beautiful, peaceful and pretty much felt like a vacation just waiting  at the cabin and staring at the snow beginning to fall softly outside the wall of windows. The view was stunning and there was little left to do except praise God for the beauty I was getting a moment to enjoy. Throughout the night the snow stacked up, roughly eight inches were on my van when the sun rose. I woke up early and enjoyed a warm breakfast and a hot mocha (everyone brings their espresso machine with them when they travel, right?), and began to get everything by the door, still hoping a plow would some through and I could carefully drive up the mountain to the chapel. The plow didn’t come, and I had a start time of 9:30 so at 8 I headed out. A half mile isn’t much, but add 8 inches of snow, a steep climb up hill, and roughly 50 pounds of gear….well I got a jump start on the whole “getting back into shape” thing. About halfway up I started to worship and my eyes opened to how truly stunning everything around me was. I wish I could describe the sheer beauty, the completely untouched snow, standing alone on an overlook of the valley below covered in a blanket of snow-it was breathtaking and, I am sorry but you missed a pretty incredible worship service! I wish I had pulled out my camera to capture it at the time.

The family began filing into the church and rushing around to set up, most in coveralls and boots, then within what seemed like a blink everyone was in suits and ready to go. This was very much a family event with each person offering their talents and time to get everything in place and every detail perfect!

The bouquets and boutonnieres were made by the family the night before and were so beautiful! I loved the splashes of color and the fresh scent of the eucalyptus! The lace tying the brides bouquet together was a family heirloom, and the grooms handkerchief had details of his mothers wedding dress sewn onto it.  

The snow had not finished making it’s rounds, it was supposed to stop by 10, but continued for several more hours, which made my photo loving heart very happy!

These girls deserve a very big round of applause and a warm hug (where is Olaf when you need him?)! They never once complained and instead were so joyful throughout the day, standing in snow drifts and all!

Dylan’s best man was his father, a growing trend that I love!

This entrance was everything you dream of! Dylan was overcome with excitement and so giddy when he saw Brooklyn coming toward him! Brooklyn’s grandfather officiated the ceremony. 

Did I mention that the mothers and grandmothers served as flower girls!?!

This was such a fun family to hang out with, there was so much laughter and smiles were contagious!

The reception was held at one of their cabins across the street from the chapel, there was plenty of room for the family to relax, eat, talk, or play games in the game room. The cake was fabulously made by Rolo Camacho.

There were so many sweet DIY details (literally) with an old Hollywood glam vibe about it.

There is something so honoring and special about being the only vendor at a wedding, the only outsider at a family event. Everyone is relaxed and welcoming and makes sure you become part of the family.

What made the vintage details was the history, there was a radio that belonged to a great grandmother and everything was there with a purpose and reason. This typewriter served as a thank you letter to the family, and I think it might be my favorite decoration to date!

Mini doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, fudge, and all the tiny flaky sweet you can imagine lined the table. It was a perfect spread of finger foods that was oh so cute!

There was a hot drink bar with coffee and cocoa, but I think the marshmallows and chocolate chips were the biggest hit!

It was such a joy photographing their wedding and it just got better when at the last moment Brooklyn and Dylan decided to do a sendoff with their family throwing snow at them-brrrrr! But the result was precious!

Best wishes on a lifetime of love and happiness Mr. & Mrs. Sparnecht!

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