Life seems to have been crazy the last few weeks, and yet I feel like it’s been unproductive too, I can’t seem to find what I have to show for it.
The birthday was great, and the celebrations were strung out over the course of 2 weeks, which I love! It started with Chloe’s party and dinner for “The Royal Family”.
Chloe’s party was held at The Woodlands Mall. It was princess themed so we were dressed in the duds of royalty! We met up with the girls at Barnes and Noble’s Cafe for the royal drink of coconut cream sodas. The girls were to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts, they received their first envelope with a clue on it there. On the outside of the envelopes were clues to the next place they had to go to get another, inside were cards with letters. Once they collected all of the envelopes they had to unscramble all of the letters, which spelled out the final destination. Along the way a few vendors were very accommodating and agreed to let me leave little gifts for the girls. The best store being Helzberg Diamonds, who were amazingly sweet to the girls and gave them the plastic “jewelry” I had left ahead of time. We rode the carousel, where they got the final clue and unscrambled to find the words “Build-A-Bear” Chloe was jumping up and down with excitement! I had written down a list of birthday ideas and had her rate them 1-10, shopping game and Build-A-Bear were in her top 3 and I had combine them :). So on we marched (in aching shoes)to the shop of bears, it was so much fun and we rushed the girls so we could make our reservation at Grotto (yay!)Elijah was afraid of the stuffer, but was adorable holding his puppy dog and looking scared, Chloe just bounced around the store, and Addie looked confused as to why daddy and Jorge (our neighbor) were putting wigs on her.
To Be continued…

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