Today was going to be a fairly simple day. It was Bobby’s day off and we had a few small tasks on the agenda then family time. Our kids all came in and cuddled in bed with us when they woke up before us-which rarely happens with everyone home. We tickled, rhymed, and giggled. So I did what I love to do on family days-I made pancakes for breakfast. This morning they were extra special because I put chocolate chips in them and because Chloe helped me make them. Then we sat down and pretty much swallowed the whole stack in a gulp.
On to task #1-start cleaning up Granny’s apartment. You see she has been in the hospital for a while now and was going to be moved to hospice. The kids were surprisingly well behaved and we got more done today than we thought we would.
Then before Tasks #2&3 (visiting Granny and my father, in the same hospital and getting new shoes for Chloe) we stopped for coffee and lunch. Thats it…we stopped. Then my husbands phone rang. The nurse told him that we should come soon because Granny only had hours left. Less than 10 minutes later we were pulling into the hospital parking lot when the phone rang again. She had passed.
This mornings giggles and cheer seem like the distant past, yet it was only 12 hours ago. I’m so glad we enjoyed those few extra bad calories instead of fighting our kids to eat something healthier (which we will still be doing the other 13 out of 14 days-just sayin’). I’m so thankful we had no alarm clock set this morning so we had the joy of silly munchkins with cold toes climbing in with us. Thank you Lord for the little moments of peace and joy that sustain us through the (seeming) drought.

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