“Awwwll night, Awwwll day! Angels watching over me, my Lord!”
The last hour has been quite interesting. It started at the post office in Conroe. I have always been uneasy about putting the kids in the car, because whoever I put in last is left temporarily exposed. Today I decided to put Elijah in first so he wouldn’t flip the stroller trying to get away (yeah I know that means he is too big to be in one now). The parking spaces at the post office are slanted, narrow, and always full. I had the stroller against the car beside me with Addie in it, as I leaned into the car to buckle Elijah. I never heard the lady get into the car next to us, or turn on her SUV (now that cars have gotten quieter, the government is asking makers to make them louder), or even her tires begin to reverse. I did hear her bumper hit the door that was leaning on me and I felt it push on me. I did see her stop just short of hitting little Addalene! Before I (or the driver) could register what was happening, I got Addie, still in the stroller, and myself behind our car and out of the way. The woman stopped, got out and began apologizing, her SUV really did have a huge blind spot. It was then that I noticed something, I wasn’t angry, I didn’t want to punch her lights out. I had peace, but it was more than peace, it was a knowing that she didn’t need a lecture from me-she was sorry and I had forgiven her before she finished her apology.
As I type this I realize that is the way God forgives-he forgives us from the moment we become aware we need forgiven, before we can get the words out. If she hadn’t been apologetic I would have left angry. I think God was teaching me a lesson, that I can learn to forgive like he does. I no longer have to accept apologies like a five year old (“say sorry and hug”-both kids glaring at each other all the while). I heard somewhere once that from the moment we are forgiven-God forgets, he doesn’t remember what we did, it is gone-now if only we could forget too. Not just what others did, but what we have done.
Back to my story. No anger. She waited as I packed the kids into their seats and got into my car safely. While she was waiting I heard her curse, “SWEET MOSES!!!” I nearly busted out laughing, but I was still shaking. Hey, I still have adrenaline even if I have a dose of peace to go with it. Everyone was fine, the car too. We left and headed home.
I get home and let the dogs out back, somehow Opi found his way out of the yard-he is still out but I am not leaving the kids to go catch him. Lucy came back in. I headed to the bathroom and found that she had tore up a roll of TP-a HUGE peeve of mine toilet paper not on a roll it grosses me, like really badly grosses me out. I cleaned it up. Then took my turn, midstream I hear the handle on the front door, and I know I didn’t latch the child lock. Now, I have always wondered what I would do in this instance and now I know. I run with my pants around my ankles and catch Elijah just as the door creeps open. I am so glad that I didn’t have to run in the front yard like that! So that is my hour 1:45-2:45
I am so glad that I have the best security guard of all! Thank you, Jesus!

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