I had the pleasure of taking Chloe out for breakfast and hot chocolate before school yesterday. Whenever her school has a book fair, they do a free breakfast for parents and kids one day of the week, to encourage browsing (or buying really). However, the breakfast is a nasty 400+ calorie pre-packaged muffin that has been microwaved, and an oj. So whenever these events happen she is treated to donuts and kolaches, and if I take her a Starbucks as well. She was so happy and we had fun chatting and making a long list of book we want. I want Lady Bug Girl, Olivia, and Fancy Nancy. She wants chapter books 🙂 So I wet home and the kids were still asleep. Bobby had to leave to do some hair, so I changed back to my pj’s. As I laid down and my head was 6 inches from the pillow, Elijah popped in “Hey mom, get up! Get up!”

“Okay, okay since you have such a sweet little voice I will get up!”
Fast forward 14 hours.
Addie is asleep in bed and we are locking up, cleaning up, and brushing teeth. Elijah runs to me in the kitchen. “Mom, ‘urry up, ‘um ‘ear, hurry! Look, Addie’s up!”
“What? Addie is up?”
Followed by Bobby’s voice coming from the other room, “now tell mommy why Addie is awake!!!”
Me-“Elijah did you wake her up?”
Elijah proudly, “YES!”
Then she didn’t go back to sleep or many many hours, and then it was only for a short period of time.
Thank you Elijah for waking everyone up so sweetly!

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