Bobby is a magnificent father! He is so natural with the kids, it appears so easy for him so much of the time that I am actually jealous. However, on occasion he has the awkward moments that make me feel slightly less laughable.

While finishing up at the doctors the other day, I asked him to take Elijah and Addie’s car seat out to the car and get the stroller, so we could walk around the shopping center. He took Elijah by the hand and picked up the car seat-note that he didn’t have Addie, her baby-bag, or a purse to carry! As I sat back (feeding Addie) and with pure delight watched as he tried to figure out what hand was supposed to open the door. Knowing he still had 2 more doors and a car door to open this way, I tried to hold back most of my laughter. He turned and looked at me saying “I’m just not used to it.” I told him there is no getting used to it, unless you figure out how to grow an extra arm.

Later that day we were at HEB and Addie had gotten fussy so I took her out of the seat, carrying around the extra 17 pounds of Her Chunkiness, my back got sore by the end. I handed Addie to Bobby, who had been pushing the cart, saying “hold her for a minute” then I started walking, went into the next aisle, waited and he never came. I walked back and he was still standing where I had left him with Addie and the cart. I asked “are you coming?” He replied that he couldn’t push the cart while holding a baby too. My bad, I didn’t think about taking the cart when I handed Addie off, however, 50% of the time when I am shopping without Bobby, I am holding Addie and pushing the cart at the same time.

Along with seeing that, I heard a woman tell Bobby for the first time “looks like you have your hands full”, I loathe that comment as it is all I hear when shopping with the kids, and he knows it. Even when they are being perfect angels I still get told that, really like you telling me that is going to make it any easier. I have begun replying with “that’s what I hear”. For those (now hundreds) of people who have told me that, yes, sometimes I have my hands not just full but overflowing, but that is how God chose to bless me, and I am overwhelmingly grateful for my blessings, even on the “bad” days. I have one absolutely handsome marvelous husband, three beautiful, adorable, silly, rascally kids, and one I will get to meet in Heaven. A roof over my head and a mess under my feet. If the only cost to me is my hands being full, I will take it!

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