I finally finished Chloes dress and I am currently working on Addies, along with a how-to tutorial.
I am so tired but as soon as I got the little ones down the phone rang, as soon as I hung up the neighbors kids came and started mowing the lawn, (Jessica is very sweet and does a great job, as she earns money to care for her 4-H pets, but she likes to keep me very informed about the progress of the lawn). So by the time I got to lay down again my mind was on everything but sleep, that and there is so much I need to get done right now I would feel guilty about napping…almost. I’m really stressed about something right now, but I am literally so tired that I cannot remember what it is. Pretty much Im just in a really bad mood and have a headache to go along with it (and if you are putting 3 and 3 together right now, well, you are wrong)…And now Elijah is awake again… My lack of sleep last night is due in part to Addie and also to the strange dreams I have been having every night lately, I have been told repeatedly to keep a dream journal, however I have no desire to remember these dreams, so there!
The last few weeks have been crazy Elijah and I have been bruised up and banged up in every way possible, him by his own doing-couch diving and such, me by others doing. Chloe has been having growing pains as well and insisting on wearing an ace bandage around her ankle. We only have one at the moment so her and I have been butting heads over whos turn it is to use it. I do not know if I over extended my arch or if it is “falling” let’s just say it hurts horribly bad most of the time. Along with that Addie clawed my eyeball the other day (as I was on the way to cut her fingernails, go figure), and when Bobby returned home and saw me in my home made eye patch, HE LAUGHED! Mean while I had made dinner, and found out just how difficult it is to measure distance and amounts with only one eye. As it turns out, you need two eyes to get full depth perception. When I finished and saw how little was in the pan, I told everyone that if there wasn’t enough they were just gonna have to suck it up and wait til breakfast!
Have you ever seen -pretty much any Disney Channel show- where some form of liquid (usually frozen yogurt) is being dumped out and the people are trying to catch it all with their mouths and hands..? I didn’t think it actually happened, but Chloe proved me wrong, when her milk shake cup broke at Chick-fil-a and she tried to contain the mess in such a manner, then began eating it out of her hands. I would have loved to get it on video, but my main concern at the time was that she was spreading the mess across the store.
Chloe’s birthday is going to be a lot of fun we are going to…HA gottcha Chloe, you thought I would tell you, jokes on you!
Chloe is pretty easy, she complains (a lot), but otherwise she is a lot of fun and makes life easier for me when she is feeling helpful. So what I am realizing now with 2 little ones is that I have begun deciding what is truly a necessity, when out with the kids. What is really so necessary that I am going to go through the process of getting them in and out of the car, fed, changed, ect? Coffee? YES! Toilet paper? Nah that can wait. Sewing supplies? Sure! Fresh meat for dinner? You know what, that chicken in the fridge didn’t smell too far gone…
Elijah brought me the coffee press (almost empty and completely cooled) and an empty cup the other day and asked “coppee, please!?” I handed Chloe the press and moments later I hear “mom! Elijah is swimming in the syrup!” As I flew over the couch I realized, sure enough he was trying to take a bath in Mrs. Buttersworth’s flavored sugar! He was sitting in a large puddle of syrup! Come to think of it this was the same day Addie gouged my eye…what a fun Tuesday!
Ugh! As I was posting this Elijah came up to me with a tub of “lock and twist” gel, it is probably the nastiest goop ever sold for profit! Just imagine a jar of snot! It is used to “lock” dreads and he was dumping it on his hair, onto the floor, and rubbing it into his hair. Yuck! Maid Wanted! In trade for yummy bread…hmm I think its time to make bread again.

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